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posted by Double J Computers @ 2:51am, Thursday 28 February 2013.

The Reasom Why Cookies need to be enabled

  1. To Login With Your User Name And Password
  2. To Sign Up For Camp Or Other interactive Processes Within This Site.

All Web Browsers Enable Cookies By Default But Some Block 3rd party Cookies. This Site Does Not Use 3rd Party Cookies so By default Your Ok. Some Times Its Fun To Check.

Check To See If Cookies Are Enabled

  1. Two Ways (Manual) (windows 2000,xp,vista,7)
    1. Start Button -> Control Pannel -> Internet Options (or Network And Internet , Then Internet Options)
    2. Select Privacy Tab -> Set Cookies (scroll bar) To 'Allow All' cookies
    3. Press 'Accept Or Ok'
    4. For Windows 8 Skip To Number 5
  2. (Automatic)Install Google Chrome
    1. Choose Information -> Downloads -> Google Chrome and Follow Install Instructions
  3. Firefox - Automatically Accepts Cookies No Further Action Required.
  4. Internet Explorer - Automatically Blocks 3rd Party Cookies But There Should Be No Problem. If There is Fallow step 1.
  5. Windows 8 Check your Cookies
    1. From the Start screen, move your cursor to the top right corner of the computer screen or press the Windows + C keys to display the Charm Bar.
    2. Click the Search icon
    3. On the Apps screen, press the Esc key to hide the Charm Bar. Click Control Panel under theWindows System section
    4. Click Internet Options
    5. Click the Privacy tab
    6. You Can Just Move The Slider To Allow Cookies Or Deny Cookies.
    7. To complete the process click OK.

Perfect Your Done



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